Apply for Membership

In order to join JARECO, you must agree with the purpose of establishment, business purpose, and business content of this corporation, and perform the qualification examination procedure for membership (see the procedure below). The qualifications for membership are not limited to nationalities and industries, so we welcome people other than real estate-related businesses (students, researchers, businesses considering overseas expansion, etc.).

Step1: Confirmation of JARECO’s purpose of establishment, business content, and membership recruitment requirements

Please check the contents related to the above.

Membership application form Membership Terms < / figure>

Step2: Application for membership and submission of required documents

Please mail the following documents to the secretariat.
Documents to be sent to: Nakagawa Laboratory, Faculty of Economics, Nihon University, 1-3-2 Misaki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0061

Membership application form Attachments (In principle, it is not necessary, but we may ask you to send the following documents if necessary.) Corporate member: Company Copy Supporting member: Company copy Individual member: Copy of ID card (driver’s license, passport, etc.) Academic member: ID card Copy (driver’s license, passport, etc.)

Step3: Information on admission

After receiving the required documents, we will confirm that the conditions stipulated in the membership agreement are met, and after receiving the approval of the board of directors, we will notify you by e-mail whether or not you can join.

Step4: Admission fee / annual membership fee payment procedure

We will inform you about the procedure (invoice) for admission fee and annual membership fee. (* Admission fee is free) After confirming payment, the secretariat will notify you of the official admission acceptance. Please pay the annual membership fee in one lump sum.