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Recruitment of members

We are looking for members who support the activities of JARECO.
Researchers and students can also participate, including those who are engaged in businesses related to real estate transactions in Japan and overseas (real estate business, financial business, etc.).

Member Benefits

When you become a JARECO member, you will receive the following benefits.

Distribution of e-mail newsletter (JARECO activity report, Japanese version of real estate market conditions announced by NAR to members, etc.) Educational services provided at member prices < li> Priority for inspection tours, guidance at member price Priority for seminars / study sessions, guidance at member price Guidance for study groups such as universities Attendance The results of research conducted by JARECO can be used


JARECO members can be one of the following.

Businesses or individuals, groups (real estate, finance, etc.) related to real estate transactions residing in Japan regardless of nationality Businesses or individuals, groups related to overseas real estate transactions (Real estate, construction, finance, etc.) Businesses, individuals, or groups conducting research on real estate transaction systems and distribution systems

Membership classification

JARECO members are classified as follows.

Corporate member Sponsor member General corporate member Supporting member (organization that supports this activity) Etc.) Individual members Academic members (for research institutes, researchers, students)

Membership conditions

The conditions for membership are as follows.

Agreeing with the purpose of establishment and being able to cooperate in revitalizing the real estate distribution market from an international perspective Being able to actively cooperate in projects sponsored by JARECO (excluding supporting members) Approved by the Board

For the application procedure, please refer to the “How to apply for membership” page.