International exchange

As a bridge between the real estate business in Japan and the United States, we plan and manage overseas inspection tours and exchange meetings. The main business contents are as follows.

Recommendations for NAR

Summarize the requests of Japanese real estate companies to the United States and make recommendations to NAR Providing Japanese real estate market information to NAR

Planning and management of overseas inspection study tours

Participation in international conferences such as NAR National Convention (May and November every year) Field survey of NAR contractors (60 countries) (Asian real estate market, etc.) li> Planning and management of individual study tours (three times a year) Planning and management of internships

Planning and management of Japan study tours from overseas (holding a symposium)

Planning and management of Japan tours for NAR officials Holding international symposiums (IREC, etc.)

US-Japan real estate related companies / individual support

Providing information to overseas companies / individuals considering expanding into Japan Providing information to Japanese companies / individuals considering expanding into the United States


JARECO is conducting research and research projects for the evolution and development of the Japanese real estate market. We will return the knowledge and results obtained through independent research projects including joint research and contract research projects from public institutions and various organizations through information dissemination on our website, various symposiums, and seminars.

Research and Research Project

JARECO is proceeding with a “Comparative Study of Japan-US Real Estate Distribution System” project with REALTOR® University. Through this research, we aim to obtain knowledge that will lead to mutual development of the real estate distribution market, including the development of the used housing market. For this reason, JARECO is conducting research on the characteristics and issues of the Japanese real estate market, publishing the results in the REALTOR® University Journal of Center for Real Estate Studies, and at the conference of the NAR General Assembly in November. I will announce it. The results will be returned to the members as soon as possible.
In addition, we plan to promote joint research projects with private think tanks and house makers.

Establishment of Independent Research Business Study Group

Comparative study of real estate distribution system Comparative study of education system Comparative study of appraisal system Comparison of consumer protection measures Research Comparative research on information systems Comparative research on collaboration between business operators Comparative research on escro and transaction guarantee systems

Contract survey business

In 2012, the Nakagawa Laboratory, Faculty of Economics, Nihon University was commissioned by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism to conduct “survey and examination work on grasping the actual conditions of real estate transaction systems and real estate distribution systems in Asian countries.” We were able to obtain detailed information on real estate conditions and systems in Asian countries in a short period of one month beca